Riva De La Rosa Verdicchio Matelica
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The Alta Valle Esina in the Apennine Mountains provides a range of microclimates ideal for Verdicchio; the moderate climate and temperature from the Adriatic Sea provides rich aromas with balanced acidity. Our Verdicchio is a beautiful representation of this light, refreshing wine from the Marche region. To make our Verdicchio, we cover the grapes with carbonated snow to keep the oxygen out during production to retain the crisp flavors and follow that with a gentle press and thermo-conditioned fermentation after filtering the juice.

Italian white wines are extremely approachable and easy to drink, due to their traditionally lighter body and lower alcohol. These wines are an excellent vehicle for countless food and wine pairing opportunities. The mouth-watering acidity of these wines can cut through even the richest sauces and cheeses, with a mineral-driven finish that lingers on the palate.

  • Grapes: Verdicchio
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Profile: Rich in aromas of honey and apple, this wine offers high acidity with a crisp and refreshing finish. Best served slightly chilled.
  • Serving Temperature: 50° F
  • Pairings: Fish, Marcona almonds, prosciutto, quiche and savory souffles.

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