The best expression of white wines from diverse Italian regions

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Experience the magic of Italy in every sip

Embrace Italian Happy Hour with crisp and refreshing white wines, from ground to glass.



Riva De La Rosa Wine Vermentino
Riva De La Rosa Wine Verdicchio
Riva De La Rosa Wine Gavi
Riva De La Rosa Frascati
Riva De La Rosa Sauvignon Blanc

Pleasing for ALL Palates

Honoring tradition, these varietals have a lighter body and lower alcohol content, reflective of the cooling coastal influences. Their versatility welcomes countless food pairing possibilities and culinary creativity. Each sip takes you on a journey through rolling vineyards, capturing the very spirit of Italy.

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Exceptional Quality

At Riva de la Rosa, our winemaking team champions modern and sustainable farming practices, yielding low-yet-flavorful harvests that embrace environmental responsibility.

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We invite you to embrace the coastal magic and embark on a journey that takes you to the heart of Italy.

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